It Is Santa!

Why, look who it is! It is Santa!


Gather around the children, for it’s time to visit with Santa! It’s time for Santa, for you.

Santa is here! Everyone welcome to Santa, the King of JC Penney.
The big boy of the mall, Santa, is here to make all of your wishes come true.

Ignore his strange men pals who stand near–those aren’t Santa!
They are criminals! These are criminals.

Strike your favorite pose with this large velvet gentleman, and be glad.

You’ll know it is Santa, if you see a large red pillow whose face is a man’s one.
Snow King Triton the Clown is here, at last, with his large beard, and gifts!

Santa has arrived, and he has brought his traveling car of still horses. Would you like a still horse from Santa?  
Long live Santa, the king of the Turkey Parade! 

Sometimes his wife is there as well, and they ride in on a large alien.

“Eat your cinnamon buns, or I’ll sack you in the nuts!” Santa screams, signifying the beginning of the Christmas Season.

Everyone knows that when Santa shows up, it’s time for Christ to take a walk! Please watch, as the Lord walks away.

Sometimes there are several Santas!
One of them is Santa, and two of them are regular demons! Can you tell the difference?

If not, it’s surely death for you! You will unfortunately be dying by False Santa’s large saw.
 Goodbye to you now! You have died, in Santa’s wooden home! Our apologies!

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