i sleep in a tree with my violin, you want to fight me??

Yeah, I sleep in a tree holding my violin each night. What’s it to you?? You wanna fight me? Hm? Do you? I bet you do, I bet you want to fight me, upon learning that every evening, I go sleep high in a tree, hugging a violin, and repeat this every single night of my life. So, what’re you gonna do about it, hm? Are you going to try and fight me?

Something tells me that you are wanting to fight me, due to the fact that I sleep high up in a very tall tree, and that you also feel like fighting me because of how I am clutching a violin as I slumber up there. Is this accurate? Is this how you feel, and what you want to do? I am thinking this is what you want! I am thinking that you are wanting to kick my ass, in a fight!

If you decide that you want to fight me, let me just tell you one thing: I already know that this is your plan – it will not be a surprise! You won’t be surprising me any time soon by trying to fight me, because of how you think you’re better than me, because you sleep in a regular bed and while not clinging on to a stringed instrument. I won’t be surprised, rather I will be highly prepared – so don’t even think you’ll have the upper hand, by startling me. You won’t! There’s no way! ◊